Welcome to Your Funeral, Your Way…

Our mission is to remove the stress, anxiety and cost from funeral services.

In our opinion, far too may people leave it too late to make the arrangements they really want, or don’t make them at all, with responsibility falling to the children or nearest and dearest.

But think about this for a moment:

We’re here to ensure that you get what you want at the time of your passing. The beauty of a a pre-paid funeral plan is that it’s all agreed and fees settled in advance. You get the peace of mind of know that there’s nothing for your loved ones to have to worry about at a time when they’re already wracked with grief. And they’re not going to get a massive bill either.

The reality is, dying is an expensive business and it isn’t stopping any time soon. The cost cost of funerals is doubling every 10 years, which is twice the rate of inflation!

But fret not, because we’re able to give you today’s pricing, whether you pass in 5 years or 50.

And it gets better because we have options to suit all pockets. From less than £5 per week, we have you covered with a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. When we say Your Funeral, Your Way, that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

No pre-set ideas, and we accommodate some very specific requests.

So if you’re looking to achieve peace of mind, take the weight off of your family, whilst making a very smart financial decision, just get in touch today.

Simply call 07789 386990 and ask to speak with Andrew.