There’s no way to break this to you gently…

Funeral costs have doubled over the last ten years and the trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

“If I live another 20 years, my sons will be looking at a bill of in excess of £16,000 to bury me”.


We don’t know about you, but we think that’s a lot of money to conjure up, and it’s no surprise that many families have to borrow money, often at high interest rates, to cover the cost of funerals and associated services.

However, you can take care of this by considering a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan today, saving substantially when compared to a other funeral services. How do we do that? Well first of all, we lock in your price TODAY, meaning that you’ve inflation-proofed yourself against these high costs. And it stays locked in no matter how much funeral costs rise in the future.

There are as many options available for a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan as there are for the traditional service arrangements. The greatest difference is that once your wishes are fully documented and officially notarised. There will be no doubt in your loved ones minds, as to exactly how you wish to be buried/cremated and the other elements of your requirements.

From less than £1997 as a one-time payment, or broken into installments to suit your budgeting requirements, there really is a plan for everyone. Costs beyond that intial level are determined by the details and optional extras you wish to include. It’s very much about you and your needs. Our personal service and advice will ensure that you get the most appropriate plan for your specific requirements.

At a time of family grief, none us of want our families worry about money or arguing over hymns and flowers and a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan allows you to make your wishes known, beyond doubt.

Simply call now for a friendly, no obligation chat and decide on your how you’d like your wishes to be expressed when your time comes.

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