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You can run…

You can run…

So, here’s a funny thing. My dad used to joke about leaving him at the side of the road when his time came to meet his maker. Good deal we thought callously, because we’re like that when we’re young aren’t we? And stuff like that never happens…

Nowadays, we wouldn’t be able to get away with it if we tried! You see, in these modern times, we all tend to pop up on social media and leave a trail. A digital footprint, if you like. And guess what? If your relative passes and they don’t know who’s paying, they start hunting.

First port of call? Social media. And they’re good. They’ll go through every channel, searching high and low until that think they have someone to foot the bill. That’s all they want from you… Cold, hard cash. Well, cheque or credit card will work too! The point is, if there’s nothing in place and the deceased doesn’t have the funds to cover it, someone’s paying and that someone could be you.

Now, you’re probably thinking good luck with that, I don’t do Facebook etc. And that’s when the fun starts. They’ll employ real people, professionals whose job is to track people like you down. You’ve done nothing wrong, you just happen to be liable for the costs associated with the death of your relative!

The costs of dying are spiraling upwards faster than anyone thought they would and as a consequence, you’re going to be probably going to be looking at a minimum of £4000 as it stands today. In 10 year’s time that’s likely to be well over  £8000. I don’t know about you, but I find that a little frightening!

At least I would, if there wasn’t a perfect antedote to this type of unwanted and unwelcome surprise. Imagine for a moment that you could fix the cost of a relative’s funeral, let’s say one of both of your parents for example, at a competitive price at TODAY’S prices. And in the process, get an exact plan of their wishes to be put into action upon their passing. Because frankly, when we lose someone close, we don’t want to be thinking about arrangements and associated costs. We just don’t. Life, through death, has shown us that there are simply more important things to be focused upon.

And this is where a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan will save you money, upset, stress and anxiety, whilst giving everyone concerned that expressed wishes are recorded and will happen just so.

I think it’s a great idea and it’s the reason that we do what we do here at Your Funeral, Your Way. We keep it simple, straightforward and cost effective. Most importantly, we provide you with a personal service caters to your specific needs.

Have a think, and if you’d like more information, just get in touch for a chat.

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